Stand up for Peace - Lyrics Contest

Shankar Mahadevan Academy's mission is to spread the 'Joy of Music' .  We believe music has the power to bring goodwill and peace on earth in the toughest of times. This year, we are harnessing the power to music to raise our voices against terrorism.  

Inspire people to join this cause and also win a golden chance to get Shankar Mahadevan to sing lyrics penned by you!

Include the chorus "ना आतंक ना भय, शांति की होगी जय " anywhere in the song.

The song will be sung by Shankar & team, and will be produced by the Shankar Mahadevan Academy.

The song will be made available to one and all through social media. Send us your lyrics before the 13th of June to take part in this competition. The winner also gets a free self-study course from the Academy.


Winning Prizes (Terms & Conditions apply):


  • An interaction with Shankar Mahadevan online 
  • Winning lyrics song will be produced by SMA, with Shankar as one of the singers. Winner’s name will be displayed in the credits of the video/audio file
  • One free self study course of their choice from the academy



Contest Highlights


 The winner of the lyrics contest - "Stand up for Peace" is Aruna Iyer. 




Participating in this contest is easy.

  • Read the Contest Highlights and Terms & Conditions for participation
  • Enroll for the contest by filling up the registration form
  • Last day for submission is 13 June, 2016 4:55 p.m. IST
  • Upload a copy of written lyrics or scanned copy in the acceptable file formats (pdf, doc, png, jpeg) and give us a flavour of how you think your lyrics would be the most powerful.
  • Submitted lyrics will be assessed on 6 parameters and a score will be awarded out of 100 points
  • All participants get a score and  feedback from renowned experts in the field of music, which can give them the right pointers to develop their inborn talent.


Parameters Points
Content of Lyrics 20
Rhyme and Metre of the Poetry 15
Expressiveness of the Lyrics 20
Aesthetic Language of the Lyrics 15
Mood & Expression of the lyrics in the Oral Rendition 10
Overall impact of the Song/Poem 20

Terms & Conditions

  • Lyrics to be written primarily in Hindi, but may use other languages as need be to convey a specific feeling of emotion.
  • Acceptable file format for written lyrics or scanned copy: pdf, doc, png, jpeg
  • Size of each file should not exceed 10 MB
  • One time purchase gives you access for only one submission. Please ensure that you upload the correct files. No requests for changing the file that is submitted initially will be entertained.
  • The academy is not liable for refund, once payment has been made.
  • Any complaints related to the submission will be addressed according to the discretion of the Academy.
  • Lyrics  file will become the property of academy after submission. The uploaded content will not be returned to the student and will be archived. The Academy reserves the right to use the rendition as it deems fit.
  • This is an open contest with no age limit and judgement is purely made on the parameters stated below.
  • The judges’ decision on the participants’ performance (both recorded & live) will be final & binding and cannot be challenged by the participant or any representative of the participant under any circumstances.