SAMMAAN 2020 Dance

SAMMAAN 2020 Dance Talent Hunt

To participate in the contest:

  1. The Theme for Dance is 'Raasas in Nature'. 

  2. Your Dance must stick to the traditional art forms as selected – Bharatanatyam or Kathak.

  3. Your enrollment for SAMMAAN consists of two steps - Registration and Submission

  4. The terms and conditions for each step are listed below.

  5. Do read these Terms and Conditions carefully before enrolling. 

  6. Once you are ready, click on the button named "Enroll Now".

Contest Highlights

Step 1: How to Register

Select your Genre and Age categories.

Register by giving your Name and Contact Details.

Proceed to pay the Registration Fee. Payment can be made online using Credit/Debit Card, Net Banking, Digital Wallets.


Step 2: Submit a video of your entry-level performance. 

Every participant will need to submit a video of the performance for the first round.

We will start accepting videos on July 15, 2020.  

We will notify you by email when we activate the facility for accepting video submissions.  

Once you hear from us, please return to this page to submit your video. 


Step 3: Receive Feedback 

You will start receiving Feedback on your submission

If you have made it to the second round of the competition, you would be informed via email.


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Registration

  1. Participants between the ages of 6 and 14 would be eligible to participate in the “Children” category. Participants above 14+ would be eligible to participate in the “Adults” category.
  2. The category in which the Participant falls has to be selected prior to enrollment and cannot be changed.
  3. There will be no refunds on the Registration Fee.
  4. Instructors from Participating Academies (Shankar Mahadevan Academy, Rithwik Foundation, Partner Art Academies and Teachers) are not eligible to participate in the contest.


Terms & Conditions for Submission

  1. The dance video you submit must revolve around the theme of the Contest.
  2. Only Solo performance submissions will be accepted.
  3. Multiple video submissions will be considered as separate entries, and will require you to register and make a payment as many times.
  4. The maximum time limit for any dance form would be a maximum of 3 minutes for the whole dance, including a maximum of 30 seconds for the Introduction. Anything above the time limit would be disqualified. 
  5. Costumes will need to depict the dance form of the selected genre. Casual dresses will be disqualified.
  6. Conditions around music used as part of the dance:
    • Music should be related to the theme.
    • Music can be self made.
    • Music can include use of theka machine alone.
    • Live accompaniment is allowed
    • Copyrighted music would not be allowed.
    • No film music is allowed.
  7. Any participant can submit only one audio or video per registration in the suggested formats. No requests for changing the file that is submitted initially will be entertained.
  8. The uploaded content will not be returned to the Participant. It will be archived. 
  9. The Academy reserves the right to use the rendition as it deems fit

Terms & Conditions for Evaluation

  1. You will receive Feedback for one rendition only. 
  2. Any complaints related to the Feedback will be addressed according to the discretion of the Academy.
  3. The decision of the Academy Judges would be final.