These courses introduces the students to Carnatic Violin playing. 
 The students start their journey by learning the basics of playing the instrument and move on to playing various ragas and compositions, understanding Carnatic music notations and theory.
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Student should have had prior training in  Carnatic violin with a strong foundation of playing upto the level of 6  basic varnams which includes Mohanam varnam , Shankarabaranam varnam, Hamsadhwani varnam, Abhogi Varnam, Vasantha varnam and Kalyani Varnam 



In Carnatic Violin, training in kritis as the first step to learning different ragas which enhance the emotive quality in playing .Different kritis also build a strong repertoire and gently guide the student towards manodharma or creativity. This ...  

Topics covered:
  • Sriman Narayana – Bowli – Adi - Annamacharya kriti
  • Yaare Rangana – Hindolam – Adi – Purandara dasa
  • Varnam – Sri – Adi
  • Exercises and practices in Bowli, Hindolam and Sri to gain quicker movement and speed and also create musical phrases in the respective ragas.