The Let Go - Ji Bhar Ke Jiyo™ program is designed specially by Shankar Mahadevan to help employees and companies better cope with the challenges associated with working constantly in a stressful environment.
Here is what Shankar had to say
"I felt that corporates do not use music as a way to let go, be in the moment and have some fun. I designed this program to help people who are really, really busy and always in a hurry to use music help in calming them down.. I believe that this program will help people reduce workplace conflicts or handle them better and would eventually lead to better decision making."

Executive Program

Designed exclusively for your top management staff, the music program aims to use music as a stress buster for those working in the high-stress zone. This program also emphasizes various core management techniques through Indian music.

Team Building through Music

Our team building training programs helps motivate individual and team performances through our specially designed curriculum that uses power and creativity of music to energize your workforce. Teams learn basic musical concepts in Indian music that help in improving communication and inter-personal skills.

New Employee Induction

What would be a better way than to start one's career in your company than with a fun filled music program. Employees will not only fondly reminiscence the day one of their program, but will also be able to use their inner calmness within the process oriented fabric of the organization. We help new employees get used to your workforce culture through our uniquely packaged music programs that encourage, motivate and inspire your new employees to perform their best for the company.

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Why choose music as an employee appreciation reward?

Research has documented that music can bring about several positive changes in the workplace. Music can enhance productivity, increase creativity, encourage longer attention span, bring about a more stimulated and revitalized workforce, develop office and interpersonal dynamics, increase alertness throughout the workplace, create a willingness to accept extended working hours, lower work related stress and less absenteeism due to illnesses, and improve communication, co-operation and team skills. Employees who participate in music programs, are found to be delighted with their new music skills and find music a welcome inclusion in their otherwise stressful lives. Most important of all, employees feel rewarded and develop an added appreciation for their employees.