Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight features performances, compositions and recitals from the students of our Academy.

Parasuram Iyer, also known as Shridhar Iyer to friends & family, is an avid follower of Indian music, both classical and light music.  Parasuram was born in a musical family and attributes his knowledge of music to his mother Shrimati Parvathy Subramaniam who encouraged him in his musical pursuits and his will to pursue anything to his father, late Shri D. Subramaniam, a WWII veteran.  Parasuram has participated in several musical events locally in the Washington DC area. He is the winner of the of the 2014 DCSAFF Karaoke Bollywood competition in the Duet  category as well as the 2015 Karuna Charities Talent competition in the Male Solo category. 

Hailing from the land of Movies, Bollywood / Mumbai, Parasuram, grew up with memories of singing songs of his music idol, Mohammed Rafi, which he still prefers to date. Parasuram is a Hindustani Vocal student at the Shankar Mahadevan Academy.